This event is going to happen outdoors - rain or shine! Please dress appropriately.

Morning: Walking tour #1 - Old Montreal

Find out more about all the eras that shaped Montréal with this interesting walking tour, from the foundation of Fort Ville-Marie in 1642 to today’s modern city.  The historic heart of the city and its adjacent Old Port will help illuminate the story of one of the greatest cities in the Americas.

Your guide will lead you through a maze of narrow streets where you can find a multitude of historic buildings. Explore the birthplace of our metropolis and experience a special voyage back in time


For lunch, we will sit back and give our feet a break on the terrasse of La Coupole Bistro Laurentien.

The concept of this restaurant is to serve an innovative cuisine using products from local artisans from all Québec regions between the laurentian mixted forest and the south of Québec.

Dishes are inspired by the old-fashioned cooking of the families who built today’s Québec, the First Nations’ traditional dishes and the different waves of newcomers who shaped our culinary heritage.

Lunch is included in the price of the activity.  

Afternoon: Walking Tour #2 - Golden Square Mile

At the end of the 19th century, roughly 70% of the wealth of Canada was in the hands of a select few who lived in an area covering approximately one square mile, located on the flanks of Mount Royal. Along with your guide, discover the streets and the residences that evoke this prosperous period in Montréal’s history.

A stroll in the neighbourhood will allow you to appreciate the elegance and richness of the exterior architectural. From Italian Neo-renaissance to Classical Revival, all the way to French Chateau style and all manner of Victorian eclecticism, a smorgasbord of styles is on the menu!

Return to the hotel around 4h30



  • 9:00 to noon-ish - Part 1 of the walking tour
  • noon-ish to 1pm-ish - Lunch 
  • 1pm-ish to 16:30 - Part 2 of the walking tour



This walking tour is NOT included in any of the CRC packages, and is available ONLY as an "à la carte" item.

$85  (taxes not included) à la carte as an individual activity. Includes Lunch.



Alt Hotel

120, rue Peel, Montréal (Québec)  H3C 0L8
(corner Wellington and Peel)
T : 514 375-0220

(Transportation not included for the walking tour. It is a WALKING tour.)

For more information : Audrey Dupuis