Special Event: Training Session

TOPIC : Training Session combines the Technical Tour* and HVAC bootcamp : covering the basics

This HVAC Course will discuss mostly the following points:

  • Fundamentals (a quick review of HVAC engineering science)
  • Psychrometrics (understanding comfort and, heating and cooling loads)
  • Design Process (a road map to go from a blank page to a completed design)
  • System selection (picking the right system for the owner and the project)
  • ASHRAE Standards (an introduction to standards 15, 55, 62.1 and 90.1)


Joel Primeau


Joel Primeau, Eng., HBDP, LEED AP

Sales Representative, Quebec Region
Enviroair Industries

Joel Primeau is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Kingston with over 27 years of experience in many aspects of building mechanical engineering: property management, sales and consulting engineering. He co-created the very popular HVAC Design Essentials course for ASHRAE, and continues to travel all over the world to offer it.



General Information

Schedule of the day - Friday - August 25th, 2017



This training is NOT included in any of the CRC packages, and is available ONLY as an "à la carte" item.

$125 (taxes not included) for the course, lunch, and the technical tour. Seriously, this is a super deal, but registration closes on August 11th, so sign up NOW! Sorry SOLD OUT!


Meeting Location:

Alt Hotel

120, rue Peel, Montréal (Québec)  H3C 0L8
(corner Wellington and Peel)
T : 514 375-0220

Meeting point :  7th Floor - Foyer at CRC Registration desk

This course will be probably presented only in English.

This event combines the course, the lunch and the technical tour.

(transportation included between the hotel and the technical tour location)

More info : Francis Lacharité