Bienvenue! - Welcome!

Welcome to CRC 2017 in Montreal


The Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) is held annually, but only once every 9 years in Montreal. Don't miss this exceptional event from August 25th to 27th, 2017. Visit the CRC section of our website for more information, or download the Official Welcome Package brochure to have everything handy in one PDF for everything you want to know about the CRC. 

Dear ASHRAE Friends,

It is with a great honor that we welcome you to our Chapter and our city. For me, CRCs have always been a gathering to learn more about ASHRAE, help me do my volunteering work better, see acquaintances I do not get to see often and mingle. All that while having some fun, of course!

The host committee has been working for the past year to put together a program that we hope will meet your expectations. We put ourselves in your place and asked: What would they like to do? What would they like to see? Could we show them a different side of Montreal?

Our main social event will take place on the Saturday evening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Now, you might not be a museum fan, and you might think the ambiance will be too rigid, and even dull. Please think again. Over the years, this museum has become a welcoming public space where everyone can look at beautiful things .

The Saturday evening at MMFA will feature sommelier Jessica Harnois, who will take us through wine tasting - VEGAS style! VEGAS Tasting is a unique, fun and accessible game of wine tasting. The game features two steps. During the first one, you learn the basics about wine and tasting techniques: from visual, olfactory and taste analysis to the particularities of the grapes, the countries and the vintages as well as the differences between Old and New World.

Most of the fun comes during the second part of the game where the participants test their new-found knowledge. After blind tasting a pre-selected wine, you use poker chips to guess the taste tag, the grape, whether it originates from the Old or the New World, the origin country and the vintage. At the end of the night, the participant with the most chips wins. And you don’t even need to be a wine connoisseur to play, as blind tasting is a testing challenge for even for the most renowned sommelier in the world.

Technically for members - we have thought of you as well. We have programmed Friday as an entire day of professional development. In the morning, Joel Primeau will give an overview course of HVAC Essentials and in the afternoon, we will have a technical visit of the new cruise ship terminal in Old Montreal which features the latest and greatest in technology and energy saving features.

We look forward to see as many of you as possible.

Consult the Welcome Package on PDF here. 

Isabelle Lavoie
CRC General Chair