In this section, you will find more information, images and details about the exciting activities that will happen over the course of the CRC weekend.

The Hospitality Suite will be available during the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to relax, socialize - and possibly have a few drinks. This is included in all packages.

On Friday, the HVAC Course, Technical Tour and Spa Bota Bota activities are available to all à la carte for those who do not have to attend CRC business meetings or caucus sessions, and the Presidential Address and Awards Dinner (included in all packages) will recognize the dedication and excellence shown by officers and committee chairs of each chapter.

On Saturday, the Architectural Tour is available à la carte mostly for companions, as most CRC attendees should be in CRC business meetings, caucus sessions, or workshops. The Social Event at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is available to all (and this last event is included in all packages).


Français à venir.